Company Profile

Suzhou Shuanghu Technology Co., Ltd. (former Suzhou Shuanghu Polymer Material Co., Ltd. was established in 1990) is situated on the beautiful Yangcheng Lake, east of Shanghai, with convenient transportation, only 2 kilometers away from the export of Sujiahang Expressway. The company's "Shuanghu" brand is well-known both at home and abroad, and is also one of the preferred products in cable industry today. The products are widely used in power communication, high-speed rail, military industry, electronics, shipping and other fields. After more than 20 years of baptism of the market and accumulation and precipitation of R&D innovation, the development process of the thick accumulation and thin development of Suzhou Shuanghu Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2010, the company invested 120 million yuan to build a new plant area of 50,000 square meters. Eliminate backward production lines and introduce reciprocating continuous internal mixing, extrusion and granulation production lines with fully automatic computer intelligent control. During the same period, more than 3 million yuan was invested to set up a product R&D center, and the testing equipment was improved. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating product R&D, production and sales. The company is committed to "pursuing excellence, continuous innovation" is the interpretation of product excellence. With the development of new products and processes in cable industry, our company has timely grasped the operation requirements of cable industry and launched more than 20 new products.

Production products include: 110KV and above product series, 10KV-35KV product series, optical cable product series, railway locomotive lines and automotive cable new energy charging pile cable series products.

"Quality-based, science and technology for development, information-oriented, service-centered, reputation for the purpose", so that Shuanghu Science and Technology and users work together to create the future, for the development of China's cable industry to add a force.