What kind of polypropylene is halogen-free flame retardant pp?

Why choose halogen-free flame retardant pp?
Because the halogen in PP products has the following hazards: 1) a small amount of hydrogen halide will be released under heating conditions, which will corrode the machine or die; 2) hydrogen halide gas will be released when burning, and hydrogen halide will dissolve in water, which will form acid rain when combined with water vapor in the air; 3) During the combustion process, on the one hand, a large number of toxic gases will be produced, on the other hand, a large number of dense smoke will be generated. According to authoritative statistics, more than 80% of fatalities in fire are caused by smoke and toxic gases produced by PP combustion.
So what kind of polypropylene is halogen-free flame retardant pp?
Flame-retardant PP based on green chemistry and technology is called halogen-free flame-retardant PP. It can also be called clean flame-retardant PP or ecological flame-retardant PP. Narrowly speaking, halogen-free flame-retardant PP refers to the use of halogen-free flame-retardant PP. According to the deep understanding of foreign scholars, halogen-free flame-retardant technology is based on green chemistry and flame-retardant technology. It runs through the whole ecological links of raw material selection, flame-retardant PP and product design, manufacturing process and waste disposal. It is also friendly to human beings and the environment, making the best use of renewable resources or recyclable pp, on the premise of ensuring adequate fire safety of PP. Flame retardant PP manufactured at the lowest cost of resources and environment.
In industry, there are no restrictions on the contents of fluorine (F), iodine (I) and at in halogens. Halogen-free definitions only specify the respective and total contents of chlorine (Cl) and bromine (Br) in materials or products. Halogen-free standard: the content of bromine and chlorine is less than 900 ppm, and the total content of bromine and chlorine is less than 1500 ppm, which is halogen-free.

Polypropylene containing halogen-free flame retardants including phosphorus series flame retardants, inorganic flame retardants such as magnesium hydroxide, aluminium hydroxide and zinc borate is also called halogen-free flame retardant PP. In addition, some halogen-free flame retardants contain intumescent flame retardants and some special flame retardants.